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Live Action Dragonballz Movie
     There has been speculation about whether of not this is real or not. The answer is ... Yes! It has been slated to go into production next year, though the release date has not been issued. Neither has a cast list. But this picture to the left only leaves us guessing as the offical companies aren't giving much information.

    Funimation reports that Akira Toriyama has meet with Fox Executives to discuss creative plans for Dragonball's property. Akira responded "Recent movies have surprised us by entering such territory that used to belong only to comics with wonderful technology and wisdom. As a big movie fan, I am truly looking forward to the movie version of Dragonball. I hope you will entertain millions and millions of people with the brand new Dragonball of a totally new dimension that surpasses my imagination." (

    Since Dragonball has become very famous all over the world(#1 most searched keywords on lycos in 2001, #4 on yahoo), Fox hopes for a franchise, perhaps spaning into several films(unless the first one bombs).