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A saiyan can't beat me, a monkey can't beat me, you can't, you can't.

- Freeza

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Owner: Truart  
Co-Owner:  Mace & Tapion
Opened: 3-18-2000
Finished: ???

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Welcome  to Deathball Unlimited.  This  site is dedicated to  one  of the  best  Anime ever... Dragonball Z. This is a fairly new site, I have put a  lot of work into  it and I  hope it will  become one  of the best Dragonball sites. This  is an  original site with  original  material. The pourpose of this  site is to provide you with  the best information  possible on Dragon Ball Z. On this site you will  find lot's of images, information,  multimedia, we also  have some extra  stuff plus  the links to other great Dragonball Sites across the internet.

4-19-2000 - New Intro
Well,well people we are really sorry for not updating the site but i have been busy with school and truart has problems with his computer.But anyways today we got a new intro page that me and truart decided to put up , we made it so it gives us a better look for our site.Well i think thats it for today and we will be getting more updates next week , thanks for visiting our site and see ya next time pe@ce ! - tapion -

4-10-2000 - New Section !
Hello everyone ! Today we got another update.The section is called Screenshots .It's the section where u will find the images that i captured from movie clips and other multimedia.It's our own made images and if u would like to borrow one than please e-mail me and i will probably let u use it.Well i guess thats it for now,there will be more sections comming up very soon. - tapion -

4-9-2000 - New Intro Page and More
Again Sorry for not updating for a while but we were really busy with schools and stuff, I made a new intro page for Deathball Unlimited 2000. I'm also working on a Flash for this site and on SOTM Section which should be up tonight. We also got a new button thanks to Tapion to check it out click here. Also anybody that has some thoghts on Garlic Jr. Saga that you saw on Saturday, send them to me. Click here to do it. - truart -

4-1-2000 - New Section - Posters
We are really sorry for not updating the site for a while,we were very busy with our schools and other things in our lifes.But anyways I got done with the Posters section.This section includes all of the images about Dargonball Z.We only have one of the galleries up,all other five galleries are comming up very soon,so stay tooned till the next update.Enjoy! - tapion -

3-27-2000 - New Buttons and More
I made some new buttons, Since my animation buttons and banners don't work for some reason I probably won't be making any animation buttons or banners. I also joined ANIME100.COM So please vote for me once in a while, I would appreciate it. That's it for today. To check out the buttons I made Click below on their link. - truart -

Button 1     Button 2     Button 3

3-26-2000 - New Affiliate and More
Well, we got a new Affiliate, its Saiy-jin Depot. And also I added some background Music to the main page, I think the song is from Final Fantasy 8. The song will be played only on the main page. I will change the song sometimes this week. I will make some buttons and upload them to tommorw, I also might have a new logo. Well, that is it for now. - truart -

3-25-2000 -Another Update
OKay. We are not done completly with all of our pages, so that's why there is broken links, but I fixed that, now when you want to go to some section and we havn't made it yet, a page will show up telling you that the section you are looking for is under construction, Well, that's al for now, except later on I will add some Background Music from different anime to the main page. - truart -

3-24-2000 -New Section and More
I just made another section called Link Us. In there you will find buttons and banners that you may use if you want to link to our site. We also have a new logo, I think this one looks better then the last one, it's right on top of every one of our pages. - truart -


The site of the month for March is T.B.S. Bukujutsu. The reason I chose this site as the site of the month is because this site has one of the best layouts on the web, has lot's of information and images, and eveything is well done and organized.
               Great Job Buku01

Dragon Ball Z is Copyrighted by Bird Studio,Akira Toriyama and other respectful owners. Deathball Unlimited 2000 is made  by fan of Dragonball Z. My site is  here only  to promote Dragon Ball / Z / GT, not for any illegal purpose.


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     Welcome to DBZ LA$E CORP!! This is a fan-site based on the movies and t.v. shows of Dragonball Z. I am the creator of this site (Kahon LA$E). Currently there are two people maintaining this website, me (Kahon LA$E), and Jqaun . I will never have any pop ups on this page except for the one that virtualave forces you to add. There are a lot of resources for a Dragonball Z fan as you may notice. These are MOSTLY original but some are not and you will know the difference because I will type something up under the unoriginal resource. The design of this website is totally original and so are the graphics used for this site. I have worked long, hard hours to help you (the fans) on your journey to gain the ultimate knowledge of Dragonball Z.
    This is the second phase of SaiyanZ Escape, I have not decided if there will be a third. We will just have to see! Anyways, after you finish looking through SaiyanZ Escape, please sign my guestbook or vote on the poll. These are the small little perks I get for ALL of this hard work I have done. If you want to e-mail me or find out more information on how you can contact us, look
on the navigation menu under Contact Us section.
    This site is best viewed in 1028 x 768 Res., 32 bit color, 17 inch monitor, and Internet Explorer.
      04.15.00 (Kahon LA$E)- I have just finished the Past News/Updates page and the Name Puns page.

      04.15.00 (Jqaun)- I just made a new button for SaiyanZ Escape since the old one was crap.

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